Appleton, DMD, Vented 24/7, Quad Like. Male 50. Established case 32 years.
Sun Days/Evenings,
Mon-Thus(in sept) Days,
Thurs Nights,
Fri Days/Evenings/Nights,
Saturday Days/Evenings/Nights
RN / LPN you must have a Resume.  Must be or become a Nurse in Independent Practice, Adult Ventilator, & CPR certified.  Must Wear Masks when near client and others in the house. I haven't had COVID and neither has my mom or stepfather. I am Talkative and have dedicated my life to helping others.


We are looking for nursing for our infant son who was born at 27 weeks and was diagnosed with chronic lung disease.  He is a smart, interactive vent dependent boy who also has a G-tube for feedings.  He is looking for a nurse for 3 days/week any combo Monday-Friday from 0715-1545.  Both of his parents are teachers so during the summer it may be half days (0830-1200).   There are 2 goofy medium sized dogs in the home who are a big part of the family.  A PAL is also needed.


Well established case (19 years) located in Black Creek (10 miles North of Appleton) is in need of a PDNs for a 48 year old male with Spinal Muscular Atrophy who is vent/trach dependent, g-tube. No heavy lifting.
Monday days (9am to 5pm, 7pm, or 9pm)
Thursday days (9am to 5pm, 7pm, or 9pm)
Friday days (9am to 5pm, 7pm, or 9pm)
Every other Saturday days (9am to 5pm, 7pm, or 9pm)
Patient is easy going, loves movies, TV, music, casino trips, rock concerts, and his computer. Applicates must be ventilator and CPR certified


Full-time nursing and a PAL needed for a 17 year old female with CP.  She is nonverbal but can communicate with yes and no and a eye gaze computer.  She takes several meds and respiratory treatments.  She also receives TPN and Lipids through a PICC line.


IMMEDIATE NEED!  LPN or RN needed for an established case that has a case manager. The client is a happy 6.5 year old girl with a G-tube, Pulse Ox and PRN oxygen. Up to 30-40+ Hours available. Client can be flexible with schedule. Lifting equipment is available but candidate must not have lifting restrictions.