Who can Join?
Our membership consists of Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses.

Our past President is appointed to the Department of Health and Family Service's State Advisory Board, and acts as a liaison between our group and the state. We are represented by the Wisconsin Homecare Organization and we encourage membership in the Wisconsin Nurses Association.
Participation in these groups allows us to update members on issues that affect them and their patients, and to have a voice in these issues. It also provides an avenue through which we can develop professional relationships that reflect positively on independent providers.
We maintain that it is in the best interest of all independent providers to work together, pooling our knowledge and experience to meet common goals. While the members of the board assume primary responsibility for the operation of the organization, membership participation is encouraged and integral to its success.

Member Benefits
· Ability to network to case find
· Information, peer support, and problem-solving
· Job Board available for members only
· Free or low cost in-services in subjects of interest to Independent Providers
· Information on actions you can take to help change outdated rules

How do I Become a Member?
Click HERE to open and print a paper membership application.


Click on Membership on the right sidebar.  Complete the membership application form located below the product description and submit.  You can then add this to your "cart" and "continue to checkout" to pay via PayPal, credit, or debit card.

Your membership will processed within 2 business days and you will receive your printable membership card via email.  In a separate email, you will receive a login link to access the members only pages of our website.  Please READ  and follow the instructions carefully for changing your password.


Contacting Your Field Reps & Other Important DHS Departments

Click HERE to see the field rep map and list of DHS departments.