6041 (01/28/23)

NON-VENT case. PRN RN/BSN staff needed for mild-mannered, fun personality, non-mobile, non-verbal 8.5 year old with epilepsy, developmental delays and g tube. Parents need occasional evening/overnight help and backup to primary weekday nurse. Minimum one 4-12hour shift per month. Scheduling can typically be flexible.

Primary Dx: Intractable epilepsy.


Seizure monitoring (most symptoms are subtle, but this can change quickly), feeding, bathing, toileting, helping client complete home therapy programs for PT, OT, SLP. She loves to snuggle and play games, listen to music or read books but needs assistance with everything. Nurses attend school during weekday shifts when school is in session. Occasional night/weekend shifts. Some lifting ~46 lbs is required. (Client is working to weight bare for transfers.)  Far east side of Madison.

Ideal candidates are dependable, professional, hard-working and self-motivated with an ability to take direction and learn our routines/protocols. We want our nurses to feel like part of the family. Non-smoking, health-conscious candidates as the common cold often leads to hospital stays. Valid WI nursing license and CPR as well as NPI and Forward Health billing account required before employment can begin but we can help guide you on NPI and FH billing set up. Background check prior to starting.  


2 month old trach/vent dependent child with a G-tube needs nurses primarily on day shifts for 10-12 hours starting at 0630.  Night and weekend hours also available on a part time/PRN basis.


33 year old vent dependent female needs nurses for 12 hour shifts for days and nights.  Flexible schedule.  She requires trach care and uses a trilogy vent at night and part of the day.  She also has G/J tubes for feedings and meds.  She attends the UW Adaptive Fitness program twice weekly during school sessions.  Nurse assists with home therapy program during the day.  Uses electrical hoyer for transfers.  Nursing does all personal cares.  Client enjoys going to the park, shopping, movies and outdoor activities.  Family is involved and can assist in activities.


61 year old female vent patient needs nurses every other Sunday and one Friday per month as well as PRN coverage.  Patient is alert and oriented, pleasant and lives in her own apartment.  She uses a wheelchair, has a J-tube, urostomy, trach and bowel program.  Uses a communication board.