Madison. 9mo old (5mo adjusted) infant to be discharged soon. NURSES NEEDED TO START A NEW CASE. Approved for 16hr/day. Dog and cat in the home. No siblings.  He is a happy baby who is trach / vent dependent and gtube fed due to bronchopulmonary dysplasia / chronic lung disease of prematurity. Single story home with easy parking. All transportation of Soren will be in family’s car. Sidewalked neighborhood with 6-parks in walking distance. Neighbors participated in trach classes and Mom works <1 mile away. Parents work full-time hybrid roles and have the flexibility to be at home sometimes when needed. Mom works <1 mile from home and can be back quickly for emergencies. Hours: parents need coverage from 6 - 7 am to 5 - 6 pm Monday to Friday provided by multiple nurses.  Start / end times are flexible. We primarily need 10 – 12 hrs. of coverage while we are at work Depending on what you are interested in, you could care for Soren once a week, multiple days a week, pick up shifts intermittently when needed, or covers nights intermittently when Soren (and parents) need more support.


 Sun Prairie.  64-year-old female with dystonia and is vent dependent. Has a Gtube, Jtube, urostomy, vent, trach. Nursing needs: full time nocs, half-time nocs, part time days, fill in hours.


Madison. NON-VENT case. PRN RN/BSN staff needed for an easy going, fun personality, non-mobile, non-verbal 9.5 yr. old with epilepsy, developmental delays and g tube. Parents need occasional evening/overnight help and backup to primary weekday nurse. Minimum one 3 to 12-hour shift per month. Scheduling can typically be flexible.

Primary Dx: Intractable epilepsy


Seizure monitoring (most symptoms are subtle, but this can change quickly), feeding, bathing, toileting, helping client complete home therapy programs for PT, OT, SLP. She loves to snuggle and play games, listen to music or read books but needs assistance with everything. Current primary need is weekday evenings or weekend shifts. Some lifting during transfers is required (Client is about 50 lbs. and does often help weight bear for transfers). Far east side of Madison.

Ideal candidates are dependable, professional, hard-working, and self-motivated with an ability to take direction and learn our routines/protocols. We want our nurses to feel like part of the family. Non-smoking, health-conscious candidates as the common cold often leads to hospital stays. Valid WI nursing license and CPR as well as NPI and Forward Health billing account required before employment can begin but we can help guide you on NPI and FH billing set up. Background check prior to starting.




Sun Prairie. PAL NEEDED TO START THIS CASE. CLIENT CURRENTLY IN THE HOSPITAL.                      17yr old female with trach, Gtube, seizures. She is dependent on others for all cares and repositioning. She has a motorized WC, ramp accessible home, and an electric Hoyer. She is non-verbal and communicates with vocalization and facial expressions.2 dogs and 3 cats reside in the home.  Nurses needed for evenings and weekends.


Sun Prairie. PAL NEEDED TO START THE CASE. 11 year old girl that’s full of personality and sparkle, and even though she can’t express it with words, it will only take a few minutes for you to fall in love with her chatty blinks and adorable smile. It’s been four years since her accident, in which she sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, and for the first time we’re looking for home nursing to help with her care. We’re looking for specific care during the hours of 6-10 am, to help with her morning trach cares, respiratory routine, and to get her ready for the day while we also get ready for work and get her younger brother ready for school. However, we’re also interested in other hours as well, possibly overnights, starting at 10 or 11 pm, or even going to school with her. As we embark on this journey, we want to be really flexible in finding the best possible care and support for her. Connection with her will be the second most important thing, second only to her safety. A good nurse for her will be energetic, loving, comfortable with caring for tracheostomies, and creative. She uses a wheelchair to get around, and is fully dependent on us for all of her cares and mobility. She loves Taylor Swift, her dog and kitty and brother, facials and anything spa related, and being around people she loves. Thanks so much for your time and interest in caring for our beautiful girl!