Sun Prairie. PAL NEEDED TO START THE CASE. 11 year old girl that’s full of personality and sparkle, and even though she can’t express it with words, it will only take a few minutes for you to fall in love with her chatty blinks and adorable smile. It’s been four years since her accident, in which she sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, and for the first time we’re looking for home nursing to help with her care. We’re looking for specific care during the hours of 6-10 am, to help with her morning trach cares, respiratory routine, and to get her ready for the day while we also get ready for work and get her younger brother ready for school. However, we’re also interested in other hours as well, possibly overnights, starting at 10 or 11 pm, or even going to school with her. As we embark on this journey, we want to be really flexible in finding the best possible care and support for her. Connection with her will be the second most important thing, second only to her safety. A good nurse for her will be energetic, loving, comfortable with caring for tracheostomies, and creative. She uses a wheelchair to get around, and is fully dependent on us for all of her cares and mobility. She loves Taylor Swift, her dog and kitty and brother, facials and anything spa related, and being around people she loves. Thanks so much for your time and interest in caring for our beautiful girl!


Fitchburg.  37 yr. old female needs nurses for 12-hour shifts for days and a few nights 7a-7p.Flexible schedule. She requires trach care and uses a trilogy vent, so you must be vent certified and have an updated CPR(BLS). She has G/J tubes for feedings and meds. She attends the UW Adaptive Fitness program weekly during school sessions. Nurse assists with home therapy program during the day and provides all personal cares. Uses electrical Hoyer for transfers. Client enjoys going to the park, shopping, movies and outdoor activities.


Madison.  Nursing needed for all shifts. Flexible hours and schedule. Trach and g-tube dependent, non-verbal, 1 yr old boy. This is a vent case. He loves music, snuggles, tummy time, going for walks, wearing his speaking valve, and stretching.


Sun Prairie. PAL needed to start the case. Currently in the hospital. 13 month old. Trach/vent and Gtube dependent. RN/LPN needed who is vent certified or willing to become certified. She loves snuggles, music and playing in her ball pit.


Madison. Immediate openings for day or night shift, adult vent certified private duty nurse to care for a 37-year-old female. Stable head injury from a MVA 20yr ago. Trach, vent delivered BIPAP, G/J tube, electric Hoyer.