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        To Post a Job Board Ad:

We ask that you include all information on these documents, even if it has been sent to the Job Board e-mail address or if it was previously on the Job Board. Before we are able to get the case posted to the Job Board, we must have two documents in place. The first document includes a brief description of the Job Board and will require the information that will be disclosed on the Job Board and the information that is privately disclosed with the nurses who request it. The second document is the HIPAA Authorization form, which must be filled out and signed by the Client, or the Client’s representative.

  1.  Print BOTH forms below and fill out.

     2. Fax the documents to 815-331-0624 OR scan and e-mail them back to

Email the job board coordinator at with any questions you may have.

PHP Job Board Ad Form
PHP HIPAA Authorization Form


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