Shanda Hubertus

shandahubertusMy medical background is complex. I started as a CNA, moving to emergency medicine, telemetry technician, LPN, and finally RN. As a nurse, I have many years experience in critical care, but my passion is home healthcare. I have 7 disabled (adopted) half-siblings. My first Mickey button change was at age 11, and tracheal suctioning shortly there after. Independent nurses have been in my home soon after PHP was founded.

While PHP/independent nursing was going strong in southern and central Wisconsin, it was unheard of in northern Wisconsin. Shortly after graduating from nursing school, I was contacted by Nicolet Area Technical College to help a family in their area. It was then that I became professionally involved with PHP.

A panel discussion board was organized and all nurses from the surrounding 5 counties were invited. Independent nursing has been going strong in northern Wisconsin since then and it couldn't have been done without PHP! I have been awarded the Mother Frances-Striedel and Florence Nightengale award for my part in this effort.

I hope to continue to learn and help educate other members on the ever-changing medical system to ensure our families continue to have the right to choose their providers and stay in their homes.