Wisconsin Rapids.  Nurses needed for a vent dependent 13-year-old male who also has a G-tube, physical and developmental disabilities.  Need nursing for days, nights, weekends.   Prefer 12 hours shifts but will be flexible.  Clean smoke-free home.  There is 1 cat in the home.


Marshfield.  29-year-old female with CP, blindness and seizure disorder. Needs nurses day shift Monday-Friday 8-10hours/day 2 days a week and occasional weekends.  She has tube feedings and ketogenic diet. There is a ceiling lift in the home.  She is total care with ADL’s.  Covid vaccine is not required.


Wisconsin Rapids.  Vent dependent 12-year-old girl with SMA type 1 and a G/J tube needs night shift and PRN coverage.  Duties include oral and trach suctioning, respiratory therapy with cough assist, mixing tube feeding, bathroom cares/dressing and oral cares.


Nurses needed for 26 year old male who is trach/vent dependent.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday AM and PM shifts available.