Clintonville.  23 year old female who is trach/vent dependent, blind, non-verbal communication, vesicostomy, ileostomy, tube feeding.  Ceiling lift installed and has a hospital bed, wheelchair, and shower chair.  Nursing needed for dayshift starting 8/9am for 8-12hours- for Sunday, Tuesdays, and every other Sat.


Clintonville.  A 21-year-old trach/vent dependent male who is non-verbal.  He has a  G/J -tube.  Needs all cares performed.  No lifting.  Has a wheelchair, hospital bed, shower chair, and ceiling lift.  Foley at night. Shifts available:  Day shifts starting 8/9am 8-12hr-- Tuesday dayshift, Sunday dayshift, and every other Sat dayshift.


Waupaca.  Nursing needed for a spunky, very talkative 7-year-old boy with a trach and G-tube. On the vent during illness and overnight. He has very low movement and weak head and neck strength. Currently looking for part-time hours, 2 days a week. We are very flexible with the hours.