Evansville.  3 yr. old male needs nurses for nights and day shifts.  Must be Peds Vent Certified.  Trilogy vent, G-Tube feedings, resp treatments, suctioning.  No smoking is allowed.


Janesville. A 31 yr old man who has Duchenne MD. Completely wheelchair bound on the vent with a trach and G-tube. No cognitive delays. Very personable. He has his own apartment that is attached to his parent’s house. He has a Hoyer lift. I need a nurse who will help me get him to bed at night. He uses a cough assist and suction device and may need to use these machines during the night. He is able to advocate for himself and let you know his needs. He may need some minor repositioning during the night.  Needs: one night shift for every Saturday night 10:30 pm to 8:30am.  Hours may be able to fluctuate.  Great working environment. Only dependable need to apply. The hours would need to be billed through KPI Agency and I have contact information for them and can help you get set up with that agency if needed. The rate of pay is currently $45 per hour.


Evansville- Adult female in need of several nurses for multiple shifts, days, pm’s and nights. Times can be flexible.