Frances (Fran) Meyer

franI have been a nurse for more than 50 years.  Over the years, I have worked in general nursing, labor and delivery, cancer care, IV therapy, Director of Nursing in nursing homes, homecare, then into NIPs (Nurses in Independent Practice) since 1995.  I founded PHP (and was awarded the Florence Nightengale Award for this) so nurses had support and power in strength and numbers.

In 1997 I was appointed by the Governor to the Homecare Advisory Board.  In that role, I have maintained, changed, and clarified many administrative rules.  Belonging to PHP makes it easier for NIPs to understand what their responsibilities are and brings nurses and families together.  That's what PHP is all about.  I am currently the CEO.  Thank you for all who have supported us over all the years. Help us keep NIP nursing strong.